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Ariel couldn't help being a little nervous. This was the closest to the shore she'd ever been, and she felt bad that she hadn't thought of doing so sooner. She never truly believed her father's lectures about humans being vicious killers, but somehow the possibility always stayed at the back of her mind... Still, it had gotten to the point where shipwrecks and lost items were no longer enough for her. They only came around so often, and lately it had just been thing she already had. If she didn't do some direct observation, there was no way she'd learn anything new.

So she lay in the shallows of the water, waiting for something or someone interesting to show itself. What would pass by today? she wondered. Maybe people who looked like the ones in the portraits she had, or the little figures of humans standing brave and tall, or riding their 'horses', or dancing in pairs...

((New Ariel! Hi! :wave:))
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WDisneyRP-Ariel's Profile Picture
Hi, I’m Ariel! Well, Princess Ariel. Of Atlantica. But it’s not great here. I have six older sisters, but they’re so boring to spend time with. And my father, the king…he’s so strict! He makes up all these silly rules, and if you don’t listen to them, boy does he get mad. But I still manage to get around them. I love to learn about humans. They’re so fascinating! The world above the surface is incredible – it seems so much nicer than here underwater. Maybe someday I can be part of that world…

Age: 16
Alignment: Good
Personality: A brave, curious soul who loves to go out and explore; she’s especially interested in human culture and artifacts. Being a teenager, she hates being treated like a child and always looks for ways to assert her independence. This can lead to her acting without thinking, and letting her emotions get the best of her. However, her optimism and friendly attitude make her a fun person to spend time with.
-The various skills that come with her species; high speed and endurance when swimming, the ability to breathe both underwater and on land, communication with other sea creatures
-She’s more knowledgable about the ways of humans than any other mermaid…though that isn’t saying much, since she has little true interaction with humans and is often misinformed of their customs by her seagull friend, Scuttle.
-Her singing voice is the most beautiful of all her sisters, and she can enchant people with her songs with little effort. That being said, she has little interest in performing.
Habits: Singing, exploring shipwrecks, collecting human things
Flaws: Impulsive and rebellious; usually doesn’t think of the consequences of her actions. Stubborn and headstrong. A little silly. Naïve about the workings of the world.
Family: Father, King Triton (descended from Poseidon, god of the sea); older sisters, Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, and Alana; deceased mother, Queen Athena
Companion/Pet: Flounder, a young fish; Sebastian, her father’s advisor; Scuttle, a seagull who claims to be an expert on humans
Similar Characters: Belle (rebellious and free-spirited, dreamers, independent, adventurous), Rapunzel (enthusiastic and optimistic, naïve, dreamers), Merida (redheads, independent, rebellious, adventurous, conflict with a parental figure)


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She washes her clothes in the bay
Ariel wondered about the clothes this girl wore. They seemed different from the kind she usually saw. A bit simpler, perhaps, but more complex at the same time. It looked like it'd be so pretty to wear.
WDisneyRP-Rapunzel Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
((Hi, late welcome XD

btw love Ariel, she's my first favorite Princess on my favorite Princesses list >u<

I wish I could RP with you. But Punzie's still stuck in her Tower, and Ariel's still a Mermaid.. So that wont work.))
((Yeah... ^^; Maybe soon!))
WDisneyRP-Rapunzel 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
((Yeah :3))
Wendy sat by the shore looking on at the sun rise over the waves
Ariel saw a little girl this time. She looked so neat and pretty! Her hair in particular interested her; it seemed like one could make hairstyles much more elaborate on land, which made sense. 
Wendy took off her slippers leaving her bare feet resting in the sand. She noticed that the sand here was much more softer then the beaches in Neverland.  Then WEndy walked towards the waves that crashed on the softer wet sand.
She smiled seeing the girl enjoy herself on the beach. It must've been so nice to walk on the sand and the shallows...
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(( I`m glad we have Ariel now! :hug: ))
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